Troubled Teens, Treatment Programs, & Family
The Parenting Relationship: Key to a Troubled Teen's Recovery

It is critical that you understand the following: Teens who are out of control, or who are a danger to self or others, are not mature enough to help themselves. By default they need you. It is the parenting relationship that must intervene. In the coming weeks and months difficult decisions will need to be made. You must be strong enough to make them, or it is better that you not begin this process.

Do you need help? Is your teen destructive to self, others, or property? Do you need to find a safe placement for your child? Get help now.

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If your troubled teen is struggling with any of the issues listed on this site, or if you are considering placement in any form of treatment program (residential treatment center, boot camp, boarding school, wilderness program, etc.), we strongly encourage you to consult us first. We DO NOT CHARGE PLACEMENT OR REFERRAL FEES TO PARENTS. In other words, there is no risk in consulting with us.

Troubled teens can be helped. But often it takes more than parents are able to provide by themselves. Seeking expert advice and help is an act of good, caring, and strong parenting. Contact us today.

How to Finance Treatment Intervention

The best resource for determining both your financing needs, as well as to be directed to the proper lenders is by contacting Parent and Teen Resources (the form at the right of the page). In addition to helping you navigate the financing process smoothly, questions can be answered promptly, and you can be advised of issues of which you might not be aware.

Botom line, if your teen is becoming destructive to self or others, you have only a limited amount of time to intervene and help. Approching traditional lenders, and avoiding a direct, risk-free conversation with an intervention professional will result in the waste of precious time. Contact Parent and Teen Resources, either through a phone call, or by completing the form on the right.